Chimaera Consulting News

  • Year 20, Day 81 :: Evan Crawford is appointed Deputy Director of Chimaera Consulting. Investigator III Nylor Covet is appointed Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 20, Day 1 :: Chimaera Consulting celebrates its 1 year anniversary.
  • Year 19, Day 261 :: Chimaera Consulting has a news release [link] on the Galactic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 201 :: Alun Tringald joins the Office of the Director as the Special Assistant to the Director.
  • Year 19, Day 188 :: Due to unexpected circumstances surrounding his Clan on Kiffu, Director Nikai Tonnak is forced to step down and return to Kiffu. Deptuy Director Tyr Kratos takes over as Director of Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 167 :: Chief Bsivi'li'Sabosen of the Office of Internal Affairs resigns her position and parts ways with Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 96 :: Chimaera Consulting has it's first official press release [link] on the Galacic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 63 :: Evan Crawford has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: Bsivi'li'Sabosen has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Internal Affairs.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: A new defense contractor emerged today. Chimaera Consulting is a defense contracting group and will be led by Nikai Tonnak. The first headquarters of Chimaera Consulting opened today in Kenosha.


If you are
interested in hiring Chimaera Consulting, please visit our Discord or contact Chief of Directorates Covet.

Patrol ServicesIs it your will to provide a show of force to the smugglers that would seek to peddle their ill-gotten gains through your planet’s economy? Or to the petty thieves, pickpockets, and dissidents who look to cause havoc in your city streets? Are your security forces simply overwhelmed and in need of further assistance? The Directorate of Operations stands ready with fully operational and staffed patrol fleets to professionally and effectively serve our client’s needs. Patrols include full or detailed reports on anything and anyone that a client may be in search of.
cc-services-risk-1.pngAny venture, in the competitive climate that is our galaxy, demands proper surveying and assessment of strategic factors to be, and remain, successful. With numerous threats looming about, the subdivision, both of assets and personnel, to compensate is too resource intensive, time-consuming and just plainly impractical. Instead, let Chimaera Consulting’s highly trained risk-analysts give you the peace of mind to focus your ambitions on your endeavors. Our supremely qualified division of analysts will formulate a full in-depth assessment of any potential risks and vulnerabilities with the utmost accuracy, and coordinate to ensure maximum security.
cc-services-transport-1.pngNo one likes filling out the proper paperwork that governments require to be granted shield access to their planets. You have work to do and can’t always find the time to submit the proper forms. Perhaps you do not have the time to go pick up your new purchase off of the Centrepoint Marketplace. Chimaera Consulting has prearranged agreements with multiple governments for readymade access to their planets. For those governments we have not yet made agreements with, we will work to get access to the planet ourselves to pick up and transport your hard earned assets to the location of your choosing.
cc-services-training-2.pngPersonal bodyguard? Guard of a Noble House? Local security forces? Planetary militia? Standing army? No matter how big or how small, the Directorate of Operations has a training regime that will fit our client’s needs. Our tactical training academies includes courses in hand-to-hand combat, expert pistol and rifle marksmanship, threat assessment, area assessment, basic first aid, combat lifesaving, and much more. Whether training from the ground up or building upon an already professional army, Chimaera Consulting is prepared to train. No matter what state of readiness your fighting men and women are in when they come to us, they will leave more professional and more prepared than before.
cc-services-ct.pngThere are those in the galaxy who wish to use their talents for battery, defamation, and destruction. To those individuals, we say, bring it on. Chimaera Consulting prides itself on its profound counter-terrorism programs and efficiently trained operatives, ready to handle any situation that may present itself. With its abundance of expertise, the counter-terrorism division, can infiltrate, monitor, and eliminate any potential threats before they manifest into an insurgency. With our counter-terrorism program in place, you can rest assured, domestic security, will no longer be a concern. When counter-terrorism is our concern, your only concern will be the profitibiliy of your corporation.
cc-services-ce.pngInformation is power; all it takes is merely a name, nay, a single wpnord, for an intelligence operative to create the incision from which he can manipulate the flow of currency, and the rhythm of influence in a corporation. The speculation of internal espionage becomes too often a delayed realization. However, with Chimaera Consulting’s counter-espionage division, there is no speculation, only security and prosperity in your endeavors. Our “ciphers” are consistently vigilant and work in conjunction with our intelligence analysts to ensure that all information flows in one direction, yours.
cc-services-defense-1.pngNot everyone can properly construct point-accurate defense systems, even less can maneuver and calibrate the mechanism once installed, and yet our defense engineers are among the few veterans who have not only used the machinery, but excel at maximizing their efficiency. With their tech-savvy expertise, we can coordinate with you to begin creating the proper outline that matches your individual situation. Your safety and security is our number one priority. We are constantly researching and developing to improve the defensive capabilities of our clients. Versatility, precision, efficiency, and colossally-powerful; Chimaera Consulting.
cc-services-shield.pngSecurity of a city or a planet is one of the most important prospects for any thriving project. With our shield network grid in place, you control the who, the where, and the how of accessibility to your planet. We use the latest model shields, and undergo strenuous tests before deeming them worthy of the Chimaera brand, ensuring it meets our standards before even considering making it open to the public. The shield network is nigh impregnable, and runs on a minimal amount of power, allow your city or planet to remain eco-friendly as well as freeing up resources for other infrastructure.
cc-services-satellite.pngAwareness and communication are among the most essential components for running any enterprise, even more so for a government. With our tactical satellite network, there is exactly that; no interference, a wide and thorough range, and a clear-cut scanner to ensure the utmost reliability of the surroundings. Consistency is at the forefront of our satellite brand, to ensure that all your forms of communication, and surveillance, are kept at an efficiently and steady metric.