Chief of Internal Affairs
Position Vacant

The Chief of Internal Affairs heads up Chimaera Consulting in the departments of workforce administration, operative training, and assists External Affairs with recruitment. They help Chimaera remain a well-oiled machine so that it can efficiently serve its client base. If you are interested in this position, please contact Director Tyr Kratos for an interview.

Office of Internal Affairs

The Office of Internal Affairs is the administrative section of the Chimaera Consulting umbrella. The Chief of Internal Affairs is responsible for handling the recruitment of new members as well as the training of these members. The Office of Internal Affairs provides recruits, operations personnel, analysis personnel, and civilians with the most up-to-date academic, tactical, and technological information available, transforming them into the best trained, most prepared private sector professionals in the galaxy. From counterterrorism training to training on working with the galaxy's diverse communities, to career development for civilian executives and management-level employees, the Office of Internal Affairs provides the highest level of instruction to all members of Chimaera Consulting and supports their ability to be successful with the company. Additionally, the Office of Internal Affairs keeps detailed records of every members that is employed or has been employed by Chimaera Consulting whether on an active, inactive, or contractual basis. This office also handles any disputes or disciplinary measures between members of Chimaera Consulting.