Chief of External Affairs
Position Vacant

The Chief of External Affairs heads up Chimaera Consulting in the departments of public relations, public information, recruitment, and marketing. This position is the public face of Chimaera Consulting and helps keep Chimaera Consulting as an industry leader in security consulting.

Office of External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs works with local planetary, regional sector, and galactic media organizations to provide the most accurate and timely information to the public regarding the company. The Office of External Affairs is also responsible for communication, reputational management, and facilitating galactic news coverage for members of the press. The Office of External Affairs finds additional duties in advising the Office of the Director and Chimaera's senior leadership on communications with governments and other corporate entities. Lastly, the Office of External Affairs handles all marketing concerns for Chimara Consulting. If you are interested in this position, please contact Director Tyr Kratos for an interview.