Chimaera Consulting News

  • Year 20, Day 81 :: Evan Crawford is appointed Deputy Director of Chimaera Consulting. Investigator III Nylor Covet is appointed Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 20, Day 1 :: Chimaera Consulting celebrates its 1 year anniversary.
  • Year 19, Day 261 :: Chimaera Consulting has a news release [link] on the Galactic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 201 :: Alun Tringald joins the Office of the Director as the Special Assistant to the Director.
  • Year 19, Day 188 :: Due to unexpected circumstances surrounding his Clan on Kiffu, Director Nikai Tonnak is forced to step down and return to Kiffu. Deptuy Director Tyr Kratos takes over as Director of Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 167 :: Chief Bsivi'li'Sabosen of the Office of Internal Affairs resigns her position and parts ways with Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 96 :: Chimaera Consulting has it's first official press release [link] on the Galacic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 63 :: Evan Crawford has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: Bsivi'li'Sabosen has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Internal Affairs.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: A new defense contractor emerged today. Chimaera Consulting is a defense contracting group and will be led by Nikai Tonnak. The first headquarters of Chimaera Consulting opened today in Kenosha.

Chief of Operations
Wulf Craite

Wulf Craite has held a number of positions throughout his career. From small scale security operations to counter-espionage directives, Crait's resume includes employment at many of the galaxy's leading corporations and local government agencies.

Directorate of Operations

The Directorate of Operations (DO) is responsible for performing any actions that pertain or relate to security services, military operations, espionage, or the prevention thereof. Directorate operatives may advise or consult on any infrastructure or physical security vulnerabilities, or they may perform covert and overt acts to exploit potential vulnerabilities. Lead by the experienced duo of the Chief and Deputy Chief of Operations, this department is the essence of Chimaera Consulting – efficient solutions in a complex and changing galaxy. The DO accomplishes this important task by adhering to the principle values feverishly, showcasing itself as a premier service provider.

Chief of Analysis
Masha Petrova

Masha Petrova began her career as an intelligence analyst before shifting to a career in decryption technologies at Servenidain Securities, Ltd. An expert in network security, Petrovich brings an extensive skillset to the Directorate of Analysis.

Directorate of Analysis

The Directorate of Analysis is responsible for gathering intelligence, performing background investigations, analyzing intelligence collected by DO operatives, and testing information security. Directorate of Analysis analysts may advise or consult on any information or digital systems vulnerabilities such as how capital is managed, how access to physical locations is granted, or how privileges are assigned.

Chief of Logistics
Jarrus Luciari

From ship captain to Chief Operating Officer of the Interstellar Parcel Service, Jarrus Luciari's career in transportation logistics spans several decades. He was responsible for the expansion of the IPS into the Wild Space region of the galaxy and overhauled its outdated tracking software, which has been integrated into Chimaera's systems.

Directorate of Logistics

The Directorate of Logistics (DL) is the network of operatives and sub-contractors the company utilizes to plug into the galactic commercial highway. This directorate is dedicated to excellent service on all points of contact to promote repeat clients. Lead by the engaging Chief and Deputy Chief of Logistics, the DL strives to prove itself as your one-stop provider to your logistical needs.