Tyr Kratos

A gentlemen and a scholar, Tyr Kratos spent the better part of his life travelling with his father. Born and raised of Clan Kratos, Tyr is a proud Kiffar. He now seeks new challenges as Chimaera Consulting’s Director.

Deputy Director
Position Vacant

The Deputy Director is the second-in-command of Chimaera Consulting, a member of the Office of the Director, and answers only to the Director. The Deputy Director works closely with the Chief of Directorates and the Directorate Chiefs.

Chief of Directorates
Evan Crawford

A soldier and businessman, Evan served under three crowns in Hapes Consortium and led a multi-billion dollar bank before settling down. Realizing the quiet life is not for him, he's embarked on an exciting path of security consulting.

Special Assistant to the Director
Alun Tringad

In addition to distinguished careers in the naval and intelligence sectors, Alun brings years of experience leading risk management and security divisions for multi-billion credit corporations.

Office of the Director

As the figurehead of the Chimaera Consulting group, the Office of the Director oversees the entire day-to-day operations of the corporation. It is considered the top executive office within Chimaera Consulting and is comprised of the Director, Deputy Director, the Chief of Directorates, and the Special Assistant to the Director. The Chief of Directorates is responsible for managing and leading the Chief of Operations, the Chief of Analysis, and the Chief of Logistics; as well as, reporting back on a regular basis to the Director and Deputy Director. Working autonomously within the Office of the Director, the Special Assistant to the Director advisies the Director and his staff on all internal and externals matters to Chimaera Consulting.